The Island of Halki, Greece

Halki island is part of the complex of 12 islands (the dodekanese) located on the South part of the Aegean Sea, with no more than 300 habitants.
Nimborio, Halki’s only inhabitent place, were most apartments and hotels are, stretches amfithetrically around the port, creating a picture like scenery with old houses, some of them really majestic. Halki’s old Village , a settlement which has been abandoned many years ago, is situated under the medieval castle in the inner island.
Just recently there is an interest from Halki families to renovate their old houses, so there is a sparkle of life in Halki’s old Village which was announced a cultural landmark by UNESCO and its architectural integrity is protected. Luckily Nimporio, the inhabitant part of Halki island, falls under the same law, therefore all renovations that have been made reserve and maintain the unique character of Halki’s village.
The people of Halki are mainly fishermen or shepherds.Halki port indicates that with its colorful fishing boats. Other occupations include the grocery stores, the traditional bakery and few taverns.
Recently many inhabitants are occupied by tourism and have remodeled many old buildings to hotels and apartments, which are great accommodations for the summer holidays.
Guests have the opportunity to eat fresh fish and to taste the most delicious thyme-honey in the country.
They can walk around the narrow stone paved streets with the boucambillies or even walk up to Halki’s “abandoned Village”, visit the castle and the Byzantine church of Holy Mary. There guests can experience one of the biggest feasts of Halki, on August 15th.
However Halki’s most important religious festival takes place on August 29th for “Saint John Alarga”. The first day of the celebrations take place on a remote monastery up on the mountains on the West side of the island. The second and last at Halki’s port, of with lots of traditional dancing and singing.
Swimming at the crystal clear aquamarine water around the port and the various small beaches scattered in the island is an experience you should not miss. If you are adventurous enough you can take a boat ride around Halki island or even go further to explore the beautiful nearby island of Alimnia.

Built by the water, the renovated Villa Amalia, a complex of three apartments, is situated on the quiet, remote Halki island, one of the smallest inhabited of the Dodekanese islands in Greece.